I am going to watch The Famous — System Design Playlist by Gaurav Sen and make notes of it for you as well as me to revise it whenever needed :)

Horizontal scaling

Adding more machines to deal with increasing requirements. …

I was recently offered a Pre Placement Offer from Innovaccer after my 2 months summer internship. Many juniors approached me regarding the interview process and preparation strategy, so I am publishing this article to altogether answer all common questions. Hoping, it would be helpful.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based…

I was interviewed for the SDE Intern position in Google India. Though I was not selected, the interview experience itself was enlightening for me as I got the opportunity to reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses.

“FAILURE IS THE BEST TEACHER” — I realized it closely in the process. I…

We are gonna solve 5 questions related to combinations using backtracking, so for your and my convenience, I have divided the part 4 into 2 parts.

Question 1: Letter Combinations of a Phone Number

Given a string containing digits from 2-9 inclusive, return all possible letter combinations that the number could represent.

A mapping of digit to letters…

QUESTION 1 — Permutations

Given a collection of distinct integers, return all possible permutations.


Input: [1,2,3]

I will discuss 2 different thought processes and solutions for this question. Both approaches involve Backtracking.


Let's revise the backtracking Brahmastr before moving on, as we will follow…

Subsets — I

Given a set of distinct integers, nums, return all possible subsets (the power set).

Note: The solution set must not contain duplicate subsets.


Input: nums = [1,2,3]



For each element, I have two choices whether to keep…

By the end of this article series, you will be armed with crystal clear concepts of several selection problems solved with Backtracking.

I am writing this article assuming the reader has a basic knowledge of what is Recursion and Backtracking, if not I suggest you do it before moving on.

Project Link: https://github.com/Manvityagi/Face-Recognition-using-KNN-openCV

Photo by May on Unsplash


Face recognition is a crucial security application. Through this project, a very basic form of face recognition has been implemented using the Haar Cascades Classifier, openCV & K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm.


The face is the most crucial entity for human identity. It is the feature that best…

Step 1: Recognize a DP problem

Recognizing that a problem can be solved using DP is the first and often the most difficult step in solving it. What you want to ask yourself is whether your problem solution can be expressed as a function of solutions to similar smaller problems.

Step 2: Identify problem variables

Now we have established that there…

Gssoc’19 aka GirlScript Summer Of Code ended with its last day as 31st May 2019 but what it left with me is the amazing experience I had with some of the projects under gssoc. This post describes my experience with one of the splendid projects — TECHTONICA. …

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