How did I get multiple interview calls and referrals?

  1. General Offcampus Application Process
  2. Where to ask for Referrals?
  3. How not ask for Referrals?
  4. How to ask for Referrals?
  5. Tips for LinkedIn Profile
  6. Tips for Resume
  7. The Final Strategy and The List of 50 Companies

General Offcampus Application Process -

  1. ATS(Applicant Tracking Software) Filtering — This is used to automatically filter Resumes. Heard the term ATS-friendly Resumes?
  2. Referrals — The people working at the company currently can refer their connections whom they believe would be a great fit for the role. The referred applications are treated as priority applications and those applications are most probably reviewed.

Where to ask for Referrals?

How not to ask for Referrals?

hlw, can you refer me 
hi, can i ask a question
Hi Sir, I came to know that --- is hiring, can you refer me there?` Can u help me for search job?

How to ask for Referrals?

  1. Don’t use the WhatsApp ways 😬 — u, plz, hlp, ur, hlw
  2. Send the Job Id/Job Link — It’s not the responsibility of a Software Engineer to find the right job for you. Please don’t expect them to search a relevant job for your profile.
  3. Don’t forget to attach your Resume
  4. Don’t text XYZ company employees for referral in ABC company 😬
  5. Be respectful and polite. — Respect the time of the other person.
  • Include your graduation year/YOE whichever is applicable.
  • A little about your skills/expertise area.
  • Mention your previous internships/experiences/projects.
  • And of course, the Job Id for which you want a referral.
  • Not too long to read, Not too short like the ones in the above section
Hi, I am Manvi Tyagi. I am looking for full-time job opportunities as an SDE-1 for the year 2021. I am currently an SDE Intern at Paypal and have interned with 2 other companies in the Software industry. I have hands-on experience in development and implementation with solid programming expertise in C++, Python, Javascript. My Top Projects are - Live Project Link (add this only if you have some interesting project and not RGB game) I am very much interested in the position of SDE-1 at XYZ(Job Id and Job Link) and I believe that I would be a great fit for the role. Can you please refer me for the corresponding role? I am attaching my latest resume along with the text, please review it, sir. [Name and Email-Id] [Resume Attached]Hello ---- Sir! Thank You for taking the time to connect with me. I am a final year Computer Science student graduating in 2021. My skills are a mixture of: - Data Structures & Algorithms (xyz+ problems solved/Coding Profile Link/Rating of any coding platform) - Web Application Development (With internship experience at Paypal, Innovaccer, PWS //you can also mention tech-stack here if no internships done) - Teamwork/Leadership (Founder of the coding club [Girl Code It]( My Github Profile - Link here I am very much interested in the position of Software Engineer at COMPANYNAME. Job Link: https://something/something Job ID: 84xxx Would you be willing to refer me for the corresponding role? [Name and Email-Id] [Resume Attached]

How many people should you message?

Tips for LinkedIn Profile

  • A headline describing your current role
  • A formal profile picture (No profile picture I think reduces credibility — Fake accounts exist right)
  • A Quick Summary of Who you are, What you are working on, What you like, What skills you have etc.
  • Use the Featured Option to have your updated Resume easily accessible on Linkedin
  • Explanatory Work Experience Section instead of just Titles
  • Add your projects and Accomplishments too — Add descriptions here too (Click on Add Section and you will find all these)
  • Good if you have Recommendations/Endorsements from people you have worked with. Having this part empty is better than having Fake Recommendations/Endorsements
  • Extra Important Tip — Keep sharing your projects, your achievements in hackathons or coding contests on your Linkedin/Twitter. This has more power than you know.
  • Attaching a more detailed blog with examples if the above didn’t feel enough.

Tips for Resume

The Final Strategy — What did I do?

  1. I kept my Linkedin Profile, Resume, and Github Profile updated.
  2. I prepared a list of ~50 companies where I wanted to apply ( Find this list here.
  • I visited their careers site and turned on the notifications for “Software Engineer Role”. Whenever there would be an opening, I would get an email from them directly.
  • I followed all these companies on Linkedin.
  • Now, this is what I different from the majority of the folks — Most people would send a connection request to employees of XYZ company when XYZ company has an opening and they need a referral for it. Now there are several possibilities of you not getting a referral easily by doing this:
  • A large number of folks send requests at this time. The “potential referrer” may just miss your request and even if she/he accepts, they may not get to read your message.
  • The company removes the job posting before you get a referral. This has happened to me a few times :)
  • I got to talk to some very kind and supportive people who reviewed my resume, projects and gave me some useful tips for my career.
  • Whenever an opening would come for XYZ company, I would most probably already have the connections to ask for a referral instead of sending them connection requests, waiting for it to be accepted, and then asking for a referral.
  • Many employees and Recruiters post on their LinkedIn profile about the openings in their company, and as I was already connected to so many people at all these companies, my Linkedin Feed would pop-up these for me.
  • And some of these connections had probably been seeing my posts on Linkedin, they already knew me. It helped them to quickly decide whether I am a good candidate for the role or not.




Software Developer working to become a better Software Developer everyday :)

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Manvi Tyagi

Manvi Tyagi

Software Developer working to become a better Software Developer everyday :)