Innovaccer — Interview Experience

About Innovaccer

Selection Process and Timeline

What is asked in the Interviews?

Advice for Preparation Strategy

  1. Practice Data Structures and Algorithms from websites like leetcode, geeksforgeeks (My personal favorite is leetcode). You can also refer youtube channels like pepcoding or Aditya Verma.
  • If you still feel confused, please see this video — CodeMap — Roadmap for coders, I am sure it will definitely help if you are confused with what to learn.
  • If you want a community to learn along and want proper resources and roadmap to learn and code, refer this — Join Codemap
  • The above 2 things are helpful for 1st/2nd year students and maybe for 3rd-year students.



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Manvi Tyagi

Manvi Tyagi

Software Developer working to become a better Software Developer everyday :)