My Placements Journey

ZS Associates — SELECTED


  1. Online Coding Test
  2. F2F Elimination Round 1:
  • 2 Questions — 1 each from Trees and DP
  • I solved the Trees one completely, struggled with the DP one
  • Rejected in this round itself


  1. Online Coding Test
  2. 1st F2F Round: JavaScript, Computer Networks, Databases, Resume Projects. All these were asked in great detail, cross-question from each answer, deep dive into all questions. Some questions that I remember: SSL Verification Process, many confusing questions around this in JavaScript, How HTTP and HTTPS connections are established, questions around working of NodeJS, etc. I was rejected after this round itself. No DSA asked.
  3. FYI, 2 more F2F Rounds were expected if I had cleared the previous round.


  1. 5 On-site Rounds(4 tech + 1 Googlyness) were to be scheduled. First 3 on Day 1 and the remaining 2 only if the feedback from the previous 3 rounds was positive.
  2. Interview Day: I was already quite nervous. In the first interview, 2 questions were asked, I solved both, one with expected time and space complexity but for the other question, the interviewer expected a more optimized solution. I sat for the 2nd interview with increased nervousness, only 1 question was asked, which I solved and coded but again the interviewer pushed for a more optimized approach. By this time, I knew that I have lost this chance and with no expectations, sat for the 3rd Round, this time I solved and coded the solution with the best possible complexity, covered all edge cases, etc. and the interviewer seemed happy with my performance. Topics of questions — DP, Binary Search, Graph, Hashmap
  3. I got a feedback call within the same week from the recruiter and I was rejected once again.


  1. Online Coding Test(3 questions)
  2. DSA Round(elimination round): 2 questions(Topics — Graph and Hashmap) were asked, complete optimized, running, clean, bug-free code was expected for both. I performed quite well in this round. The interviewer seemed impressed. After a couple of hours, a recruiter called and informed me that I have my next round the next day.
  3. Frontend Dev Round(elimination round): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS — This round revolved around these things only.
  4. Within the same week, I got the rejection mail.
  • Little more background: This was the 3rd time in the same year itself, that I received a test link from Sharechat. The first time, for Backend Intern Role(Out of 3, solved 2 questions completely and 1 partially, didn’t get interview call), 2nd time for SDE Intern Role(solved all 3 questions completely, still didn’t get interview call), 3rd time for Frontend Intern Role(solved all 3 questions completely, and got an interview call this time). Now the sad thing at that time was that I had not been into frontend development at all, Backend Development was where both my skills and interest lay, but I thought that I will practice some frontend before the interviews. Now a more sad thing was that the interviews were scheduled just in a couple of days — on the same day, my 3 google interviews were scheduled :P. As a result, I couldn’t prepare anything for the front-end round.


  1. Project Submission: They gave a problem statement, I had to build a solution(Android App or Website). I enjoyed making this project.
  2. 1st F2F Round: No DSA again, many questions around the project I submitted in the previous round. Some questions revolved around scalability approaches, system design basics, reliability, and failure in big projects. I answered most of the questions. And the interviewer seemed quite happy. There were some questions like — HTTP multipart request, MySQL master-slave replication that I couldn’t answer.
  3. Result: This time I wasn’t expecting rejection, but who cares about expectations, I was again rejected with a message that my past experiences, projects, stack don’t suit the requirement.


A Break that I took from Interviewing


  1. Online Test: 2 Coding Questions and MCQs. Only Java, Python, and C were allowed.
  2. 1st Technical Round(60 mins): 2 Coding Questions
  • 1st question’s optimization was based on using a linear String Matching Algo in one part of the algorithm, I implemented KMP.
  • 2nd question was to check whether a graph is a tree.
  • Write pseudo code for Semaphore Working
  • Many questions from Operating Systems — Threads, Processes, Memory Management, etc.
  • Based on CS Fundamentals and Resume
  • OS, DBMS, CN, REST API Design, Questions around my projects and skills that I mentioned in my resume


  1. Online Test: 3 Coding Questions. The most interesting questions that I got in any test till now.
  2. 1st Technical Round(45 mins):
  • Trapping Rain Water Problem, It's a Leetcode Hard Problem. Complete optimized code was expected.
  • Asked me to explain the approach of the 2 questions from the online round and asked if I had any other approaches to solve them.
  • 2 Puzzles. It was fun solving them.
  • Based on CS Fundamentals and Resume
  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself along with the work that I have done in my previous internships or any projects that I wanted to discuss. She cross-questioned meanwhile.
  • The interviewer was clearly impressed with my answers and overall profile.
  • This Round taught me to never be overconfident. I always thought that HR Rounds are a piece of cake for me, so I never really prepared or even thought about them.
  • The interviewer asked me many questions about myself — my aspirations, my principles of life, some situation based questions, my weaknesses, and many more, To be honest, I didn’t really feel good after the interview, I thought he is not gonna select me because, during the interview, he focused on my weaknesses a lot, most of his questions revolved around my weaknesses, it’s like I couldn’t even tell one of my profile/work highlights.


  1. Online Test: 2 Coding Questions and MCQs(Quant, Reasoning, English, Personality). I found it easy as compared to other tests I had given.
  2. 1st Technical Round(60 mins): 2 Coding Questions
  • Rotten Oranges Variant(a Leetcode Medium Question)
  • A question based on Topological Sort
  • Graph Question — Used Djisktra Algo
  • DP Question (I don’t remember the question)
  • A mix of everything that is asked in interviews, It took well above 90 mins
  • 1 DSA — Binary Search Problem with some tricks and needed optimizations — Good Question
  • In-depth discussion of work in my previous internships
  • In-depth discussion of one project — He asked to write the code of one of the APIs of my project and asked to do some tweaks in the database calls inside it.
  • Discussion about my volunteering and leadership experiences.
  • Why Amazon
  • 2 Behavioural questions checking Amazon Leadership Principles


  1. Hackathon: 5 Problem Statements were given. My project was shortlisted and I was called for the further interview process.
  2. Online Test: 3 Coding Questions and MCQs. 2 coding questions were easy but the 3rd was one was a damn tough problem on graphs.
  3. 1st Technical Round(45 mins):
  • Resume and Projects Grilling
  • Hackathon Project Discussed
  • Questions around REST APIs, HTTP Verbs, request and response headers, SQL vs NoSQL — Usecases, ACID properties, etc.
  • 3 Coding Questions
  • Topics: Linked List, Hashmaps, DP
  • Average difficulty
  • The recruiter told me that interviewer could ask anything in this round — coding questions, fundamentals, projects, HR questions, etc.
  • 1 Coding Question (From arrays, it was a new and tricky question and I don’t remember it exactly) and asked Why I wanted to join Microsoft.
  • All of it went well overall. I couldn’t tell the optimized approach at first but after some thinking, I gave the expected solution soon. The interviewer even made a comment that he liked the way I approached the question from different directions and liked my confidence even after not hitting the right approach in the first go.


  1. Online Coding Test: 3 Coding Questions. The questions were different and more difficult than the usual ones, I solved 2 completely and 1 partially. Also, this was the only company where I got an interview call without hitting a 100% score in coding questions.
  2. 1st F2F Coding Round(60 mins):
  • 3 Coding Questions
  • Topics: Strings, Arrays, Trees, Hashmaps
  • The questions were easy but running code for all 3 was expected, and the implementation of each of them was lengthy. I coded as fast as I could and completed and explained my solutions to the interviewer.
  • A tricky Binary Tree Problem, later the interviewer asked the same question for the generic tree. It went well.
  • Some rules of a new language were shared with me during the interview itself, and I was asked a few questions which I had to solve using that language syntax. It was very much like SQL. This round went good too.
  • It was more like a system design round if I would label it. A scenario for an app was given and I had to discuss its high-level design. I wasn’t prepared for it, but still did my best and the interviewer seemed neutral. I couldn’t judge how he felt about my performance.


Some more Tips



Software Developer working to become a better Software Developer everyday :)

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Manvi Tyagi

Manvi Tyagi

Software Developer working to become a better Software Developer everyday :)